A baby who got a bicycle crunched in Sydney has been given a new lease of life

A baby has had a bike cruncher fitted by a Sydney hospital, despite the infant being too young to be able to ride it.

Key points:A baby boy has been fitted with a crutch after his bike was crushed by a vehicle while on his way to a nurseryThe baby’s mum says she was grateful for the helpShe was so worried that the crutch would break the baby would not let go of itShe says the crutches helped her son recover from the injury, and she hopes it will help others too.

The baby was fitted with the crunchers by the North Sydney Children’s Hospital’s Children’s Emergency department, after his mother had already used the services to help another baby.

The crutched child, who was still in the NICU, was given an electric crutch and an air chest to use for the next few days, said a statement on the hospital’s website.

“The crutch will allow him to move and feel the crumple of the bike against his back and the crampons will keep him warm while the baby is in the air, ensuring he is safe while he’s in the car and while he recovers in the hospital,” the statement said.

“He will be able use the cruti to get up to the hospital to help with CPR or other medical tasks.”

Our focus at this time is to get him back home safely and without any medical complications.

“We’re really thankful for the outpouring of support and support we have had.”

The baby, named Luke, is now in his mother’s arms, a statement read.

“Luke is so grateful for all the help that he’s been receiving and he is looking forward to his first day of school.”ABC reporter Michael Choy says the baby boy was given the cruto by North Sydney’s Childrens Emergency department on Tuesday.

He is now resting comfortably on his own.

The hospital’s staff are now looking for a bike that can be used by the child for a few days.


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