A new handlebar extension for the bike with the latest tech

An app for the handlebar is all but ready to be released to the public.

The latest version of the Handlebar Extension (HSE) from CycleHop aims to give riders with old bikes a new and more comfortable way to get around without worrying about the weight of their handlebars.

The app comes with two options.

One option is a fully functional version of a standard handlebar, which features the familiar handlebar mounts with three small slots for the front brake levers.

The other option is the fully-functional, non-standard version with two smaller slots for a single-point brake mount.

Both versions of the HSE include the same features as the standard handlebars, including a single brake lever and a single seatpost.

However, there are two major differences between the two versions of HSE.

The first is that the HFE is only compatible with older bikes with the front wheel attached to the frame, while the standard version is compatible with newer bikes without a front wheel. 

HSE is not only compatible, it also includes the feature of a single front brake mount for those bikes.

It does not however, support the new front brake mounting option found in most bikes, or even the one used by the Bontrager-Dahle.HSE comes with a number of functionalities for the rider, including the ability to adjust the height of the handlebars and adjust the angle of the front and rear brakes.

However the most interesting feature is a feature that lets you adjust the handle bars in a more subtle way.

A number of different adjustable points on the handle bar will let you change the angle between the front, rear and neutral brake levers, as well as adjusting the position of the brake cables.HGE can be installed on any bike with a standard front brake or on any bicycle with a front brake.

The best way to find out which bike you have is to check the model number on the frame and the handle bracket.

A bike with an HGE on it will have the same basic geometry as the one without, but the rider will not be able to change the geometry by changing the handle to a different bike. 

In addition to the standard HSE, CycleHop is also launching the HGE version of its own.

The company says the Hge version will be the first to feature the new feature that allows for a “slightly more subtle” adjustment of the angle, and will be released “soon”. 

The HGE HSE will cost about $50 and comes with the same functionality as the HME version. 

It is worth mentioning that there is also a version of HGE that works on bikes with a single rear brake, called the HCE.

The HCE will be available in a $70 version and will feature a more detailed design. 

The company says it plans to launch the HUE version of CycleHop in early 2018. 

Image: CycleHop


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