Bicycle shop sells bike to US President Donald Trump

Bicycle Sport Shop in Portland, Oregon, sells to President Donald J. Trump, who was elected on Tuesday.

It was a big day for Trump, whose election has prompted many Americans to question whether he will be able to protect the American people.

“It is amazing how many people have been waiting for a bike shop to come in the city,” said Michael Pincus, a former Trump supporter who owns Bike Sports in Portland.

“We have the most loyal customers in the country.

They’re going to come back.

We’re going back to work.”

Trump, who spoke with Pincson in the morning, said he was very impressed with his meeting with Pannell.

“He’s a great guy,” Trump said.

“I told him, ‘I’m going to get to know you a little bit better.'”

Trump will likely take his pick of a variety of bike shops.

He’ll also have the opportunity to pick his own bike manufacturer, which he has been looking at for some time.

Pannel has also had talks with the owners of the Washington, D.C.-based Bike Sports.

Pannell’s bike is a custom model that he is designing, and the president will be getting one soon.

He also is working on a special version of his beloved F150 that he said will be very similar to the F150.

The White House will not reveal the price of the bike.

Pincuses estimated the bike would be around $1,000.

Trump has not publicly offered the price, but he said it would be a very special bike for the president.

“I can’t imagine that a lot of people will be willing to pay $1 million,” Pincuss said.

Pincus said that Trump has a strong interest in bikes and that he and his staff have talked about getting a custom bike for him.

“You want something that’s really special,” Pannett said.

Pippins plan is to go out to bike shops and offer them a custom order for him, which would give the president the option to keep the bike for himself.

The president is not the only president to be looking at a custom bicycle.

Trump’s wife Melania and his son Barron are both considering buying bikes.

Trump also has a bike that is based on the F-150 that is owned by Harley Davidson.

The president said he and Melania are looking to buy a custom F-250 to go with it.


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