Bicycle store, electric bicycle in Halifax to open next month

Bicycle store in Halifax is about to open its doors to the public next month, as part of a $10-million expansion project that is part of the city’s Bicycle Master Plan.

Bike Store Halifax, located at the intersection of Highway 16 and Highway 4E, will open at the end of March 2019.

The new store will include a large selection of bikes and accessories, as well as a dedicated bike storage area.

“We will be able to take the bike storage and the bike repair centre and turn it into a full bike store,” said Sarah Pendergast, director of marketing and communications for the Halifax Bicycles.

“And then we’ll be able use the space to host events and events like this, which will really be a great way to connect people in the community.”

The bike store is the first in a chain of bike shops that will be built around Halifax.

Halifax is now home to six bike stores, including Bike Store Halifax.

The first store opened in June, and the latest is expected to open in late 2019.

A new bike store in the heart of Halifax, with a dedicated area to store bikes and repair equipment, is the latest addition to a citywide bike plan that aims to build a network of bike paths, cycle paths, trails and more on a large scale, said Pendergoast.

She said it is also part of an overall strategy to create a more sustainable and safe city for cyclists.

The Bicycle Master Path Network is an ongoing project, but the Halifax Bike Plan also aims to reduce the number of collisions and injuries, she said.

“So, the idea is that we want to create an environment where cycling can happen safely and safely where people can ride safely, where they can cycle safely and safely where there’s enough space for them to ride safely,” said Pestergast.

“There’s also a need to make cycling more attractive to the community, to encourage cycling and encourage people to ride more.”

This is a way to do both of those things.

“The Halifax Bike Master Plan has been endorsed by the province, the city, the province’s police, the RCMP and the municipal government.

The plan includes $10 million to fund the project, which is being funded by the provincial government and private donations.


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