BMT, BMTB ride to Kauai with BMT team

KANAGAWA, Hawaii — The Kona Bicycle Club is hosting a bike ride this weekend in support of the National Park Service and the Department of Land and Natural Resources.

The trip, scheduled for Sunday, July 6, will begin at the Kona Bike Shop and end at the Kauai Zoo.

Bike rides at the park are a great way to get out and see some of the great parks and the incredible landscape, said Katie Pfeiffer, director of the Kaua’i Zoo and Hawai’i Land and Water Conservation District.

There is no other event in the world that we do as a group.

The group has a goal of getting 100,000 visitors on a bicycle ride in the first year and to do that, we need volunteers, she said.

The bike ride is free, but there will be food and beverages on site.

The park is in need of more volunteers to support the parks bicycle staff.

The Kona Cycling Club’s mission is to educate the public about our beautiful region and our shared values, Pfeifers said.

We have a wonderful group of volunteers who are committed to helping the park maintain its integrity, she added.

The park service has been working with the Kailua Bicycling Club and other community organizations to bring bicycle and pedestrian traffic to the park, said Chris Dutton, the park service’s public information officer.

The bicycle ride will allow us to educate visitors and visitors to the Kauahina National Forest about the importance of biking in the park and the benefits of using public transportation, he said.


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