BMW is developing a water bottle that can recharge the battery of its electric bike and bicycle water bottle

BMW is testing a water battery that could recharge the electric bike of its best hybrid bike and bike water bottle, the company announced.

The development, which will be carried out by BMW’s Advanced Manufacturing and Technology Center, could help accelerate its efforts to produce electric bicycles for the masses.

“We want to provide customers with a safe and efficient way to recharge their electric bikes, and we’re using this new technology to test our water bottle concept,” BMW CEO Harald Krüger said in a statement.

“The water bottle will be compatible with electric bicycles and we expect it to become a common and common-place part of the bicycle world.”

The company has been testing its water bottle for more than a year.

“With our new water bottle technology, we can now achieve greater battery life for electric bikes,” BMW chief engineer Oliver Heine said.

“Our water bottle has a capacity of 2,000ml.

We can also recharge it in less than a minute with our existing water bottle.”

The BMW water bottle uses an internal battery, which could be charged with an internal water pump.

The new technology could also be used for water dispensers and water bottles.

“It is the first time we are using a water supply directly in the vehicle, and it is the best way to get rid of the battery in the battery,” BMW product manager Andrea Guglielmo said in the statement.BMW, like other electric vehicles, has been looking to make electric bicycles more affordable, and has recently released its new Z4 electric bike.

BMW also recently launched a new battery pack, the Z5, which is more powerful than the Z4, but offers the same range and charging capabilities.


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