Hacker News’s new policy for ‘dont-be-a-worry-taker’

Hacker News users will be allowed to report and block users who they believe are “dont be a worry-taker”.

This comes after many users started complaining about a lack of information and clarity around the ban.

The new policy was announced today, and is available on the Hacker News website.

The rules are simple: Users must provide clear information, and they can only report if they are able to verify the content is theirs.

This means you should report someone who: Uses a botnet or an automated system to try to cause damage.

The user has not been banned for doing so.

Has a history of “behaving inappropriately”.

Has repeatedly posted links to sites that have been flagged for harassment.

Has repeatedly reported someone else who is harassing them.

In short, users can report whoever they feel is “not a waker”.

Hackers and their friends are also expected to “not be a worry-taker”.

It’s a simple policy, and it’s an important step in helping to combat harassment and extremism online.

Users who report someone else for harassment are encouraged to report the person themselves, and to report any other users who have the same behaviour.

The policy also includes some guidelines on how to report users who are “trying to cause harm”.

For instance, it states: You can report an individual, but only if you have verified that the individual has not committed any acts of harassment against another user, as defined by the rules.

This includes a specific case of a person attempting to do harm to another person, or the actions of someone with a history or pattern of harassing other users.

A third rule states that a user may not report another user who has a history in the same way as they report a different user, and this includes a history that they have been the subject of harassment.

There’s no clear way to enforce this rule, but we’re sure that some users will find ways to circumvent it.

Hackers, who have complained about the lack of transparency and accountability around the policy, have said that the policy is a step in the right direction.

As more users report harassment on Hacker News, it’s possible that more users will start reporting users who engage in harassment, and that those users will end up being banned too.

However, for the time being, we’re going to take this new policy as it stands.

It’s good to see the community taking the issue of harassment seriously, and we’re excited to see how the community responds to this new rule.

We’re also going to keep an eye on how the policy will affect other news outlets, including the popular Reddit, which has seen a rise in harassment and hate speech in recent weeks.

Hackernews is a place for people who are passionate about computer security, and sharing their knowledge with the world.

We also work to keep our community up to date with the latest technology and news, as well as with community-driven projects and events.

We invite everyone to join us and help us continue to improve the HackerNews experience.


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