How to bike safely on the street

By now, many of you are probably aware that the first step in getting a bike to the curb is riding it up to the traffic light.

Unfortunately, a new study published in the American Journal of Public Health finds that cyclists have a much lower rate of injury to their back, knee, and other joints than drivers.

In other words, the bicycle may be more dangerous than you think, and it might even be safer than driving.

The study examined the impact of the city of San Diego’s bicycle infrastructure, including bicycle lanes, signalized intersections, bike lanes and bike parking.

The researchers looked at data from 8,400 cyclists in San Diego, California, and found that they suffered fewer injuries than drivers, while the injury rate for the general population was about one injury per 1,000,000.

The study also found that the city’s traffic-light system was not only safer for cyclists than cars, but also more dangerous for pedestrians.

The research also showed that bicyclists were less likely to be struck by vehicles and pedestrians than drivers were.

That means the safety benefits of bicycle infrastructure outweigh any potential health risks associated with using a bike.

But while the safety advantage of bicycling may be lessened in cities with more infrastructure, there’s still much more that can be done to make biking safer and more fun.

The American College of Pediatricians has a number of recommendations for making biking safer.

Some of these recommendations include:Keep a safe distance between vehicles.

This means not riding too close to them.

Keep a safe height.

For cyclists, keep your balance on your pedals and don’t let your weight pull you too far forward.

Don’t ride on curbs or sidewalks.

Pedestrians are more likely to run into traffic and hit other vehicles than cyclists.

Keep the speed low.

Avoid turning or slowing down.

Ride with caution, and remember to slow down if you’re in an emergency.


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