How to get your children’s bike ready for the summer

It’s the season for school trips, camping trips, summer activities and other summer outings.

And in the Northeast, it’s the perfect time to take a new bike out for a spin.

The Washington State Department of Transportation’s (WSDOT) 2017 Bicycle Safety Week began Friday and will run through Aug. 11.

While the event is primarily focused on bike safety and promoting bicycle ownership, it also is a chance to showcase the various types of bicycles in the region.

WSDOT Bicycle Safety Coordinator Lisa Hallett said in a statement that the event helps highlight the diversity of the bike community, noting that many bicycle brands have their own bicycle safety campaigns.

She said that the group will highlight the diverse types of bikes available in the area, as well as the fact that many bike shops are open from 8 a.m. to 9 p.m., Monday through Friday.

Halletti said the event also will highlight other bicycle-related activities like bike repair classes and bike repair workshops. 

“There’s a lot of new products out there, and it’s a great opportunity for the public to see what the different bike brands are doing,” Halletty said. 

While the bike safety campaign is geared toward parents, it could also be used to educate children about bike safety.

“We’re very excited about the opportunity to showcase what’s available to the public, but also give our students a chance,” Halsett said.

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 Bicycle safety and safety gear are not included in the cost of a bicycle purchase, nor is there a cost to return a bicycle to the shop.

Halsettt said that all purchases are covered, except for the cost for parts, maintenance, and accessories. 

WSDot’s Bicycle SafetyWeek is a collaboration between the Washington State Bicycle Association and the Washington Department of Environmental Quality (DEP).

The agency has also teamed up with the City of Spokane, the City Department of Finance, the Spokane Bike and Pedestrian Project and the Spokane County Bicycle Coalition to help promote bicycle safety. 

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