How to ride your bike safely

A new speedometer installed on a woman’s bicycle will allow her to better judge her riding pace and adjust her brakes to prevent a crash.

The speedometer is attached to the handlebars and measures the bicycle’s speed, which will then be displayed on a smartphone app.

The app is available for Android and iOS, and is compatible with any bike, which is why the app is the only one to offer this feature.

The bike speedometer has been installed on the woman’s bike at the Walmart store in New York City, where she is riding her new speed-controlled bike.

The device is a GPS-enabled device that will be installed on every bike sold in the store and will also be used to track the bike’s speed.

The store is currently one of only a handful of stores that will sell the device.

Walmart is also partnering with Bike Smart to make it easier for customers to download and use the app.

Walmart has been testing the speedometer with customers in its stores, which has shown it to be a very effective tool for determining how fast a bike should be ridden.

The woman, who is a part-time retail worker, has had a couple of accidents since installing the device, including one in which she crashed into a curb, knocking her head against a wall.

But the speed of her bike has been good.

She said she will continue to wear it on the job as she works to keep her body and mind in good condition.

“My main concern is that I am going to continue to be on the road and the impact of that will continue,” she said.

“It’s not a big deal.

It is just a little bit different than when I was riding on the highway.

I have a lot of confidence in it.”


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