Ride a bike, ride a bike with a bike kick

A new bike kick in Chicago is taking to the streets with an effort to help people get to work without breaking the law.

According to the Bicycle Safety Alliance, the Bike Kick app allows users to ride a bicycle or a bike that’s been specially equipped with a bicycle kick.

It’s a kind of bike safety kit that’s designed to make biking safer.

“We think that people who ride bikes can use it to reduce the amount of injuries that are related to bike accidents,” said Ben Johnson, director of the Bicycle Alliance.

“There’s a lot of evidence that the bike kick is going to be beneficial to our city’s biking population, and we want to help make it happen.”

The app has been in development since 2014, and has received some positive reviews from users.

“It works great, and it’s fun to ride around,” said one user on the app.

“We’ll probably get some really cool rides.”

But for some, the app could be a bit too much for some.

“There’s not a lot that you can do with a kick,” one user wrote on the Bikekick app’s forums.

“If you’re a cyclist, you’re in a bike collision, and you’re on the side of the road, it’s really hard to do a kick or kick the bike off of the street without being hit by a car,” Johnson said.

“You could theoretically kick it out and it would go through the car, but you’re stuck there, and the car would probably go to the other side of you and you’d be stuck on the sidewalk.”

The Chicago Bicycle Alliance says the kick is designed to be simple to use and also to make the ride more comfortable.

It’s not the first time Chicago has experimented with bike kick technology.

In 2017, the city began piloting a bike safety system that uses the same system that the city uses for sidewalks, according to the Chicago Tribune.

The goal of the bike safety program is to help reduce the number of collisions that occur in Chicago, and help pedestrians and cyclists get to their destinations safely.

Johnson said the city is planning to test the new system in September.


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