The bike thieves who stole bob’s bicycles

The bikes were stolen in a spate of burglaries across central Florida and the United States.

The thefts took place between November 2017 and February 2018, and occurred in multiple cities including Daytona Beach, Miami, Pensacola, and Orlando.

In total, the thieves targeted more than 20 bikes and more than 100 bicycles were stolen.

In March, Florida State University police arrested 19-year-old Anthony Dominguez, who has been charged with first-degree burglary, first-offense theft, and second-degree robbery in connection with the thefts.

In June, the Orange County District Attorney’s Office announced that the two men were indicted on five counts of first- and second -degree burglary and first-and second- and third-degree grand theft of a motor vehicle. 

The two men are expected to appear in a Florida court Monday. 

Bicycle thieves who target bob’s bikes have a penchant for targeting bikes with high-tech locks and are known for stealing their locks from people who don’t pay their rent. 

“They’re pretty much going to just break the lock, then they’re going to use a hammer and break the bike,” Miami resident Michael Kiley told ABC News.

“It’s a pretty common crime.” 

According to ABC News, the bikes were burglarized over the course of two years, with at least six of the burglaries taking place in Daytona Beach. 

Investigators say the thieves were inspired by a website called, which allows anyone to post their stolen bike photos and videos on the website. 

Anyone with information on the case is urged to contact the Orange Beach Police Department at 954-876-8383.


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