What you need to know about recycling for your baby bike

What is the difference between a bicycle and a bike seat?

When should you recycle your bicycle?

What are some of the recycling guidelines?

These questions are just a few of the questions asked and answered by people who participate in the Cycle Safety Week programme at the Royal Irish College of Surgeons.

The programme aims to raise awareness about cycling safety and encourage more people to cycle safely.

The Irish Department of Health has put together a series of questions on the website.

There are questions that cover a range of topics including bicycle helmets, bicycle registration, cycling equipment, recycling, and bike maintenance.

If you have an ongoing question or need help, the site offers a list of answers.

Some of the most popular questions include: Can you take a bike out of the shed or garage for a test drive?

Can you get a bike to a friend?

Can I get a replacement bike?

Can a bike be left in the garage for an hour or two?

Can an individual put a bike in the shed?

Can someone put a bicycle in a garage?

Can it be parked in a public area?

Can children be put on bikes?

Can parents get on bikes for a ride?

How long does it take to collect and transport a bicycle?

Is it okay to get a bicycle on the road without insurance?

What if my bike breaks down?

Can my bike be repaired?

Can we get rid of bikes without a proper bike shop?

What happens to a bike if I die on a bike?

How much do bikes cost?

Is there a limit to how many bikes can be registered?

Can there be a limit on how many people can cycle on a given day?

How many bikes are available per household?

What is a bicycle ticket?

How can a cyclist use a bicycle service to pay for their journey?

Is a bike a ‘safety device’ for kids?

Is the ‘safety’ of a bicycle defined by a bike’s safety rating or the amount of damage it can do to the environment?

Are there rules about the use of bicycles by children?

Do children need to wear helmets?

What does it mean to ‘carry a bicycle’?

Does a bicycle have a seat?

Can the cycle be ridden at night?

How is a bike registered?

What about bikes left in a parked car?

Are bicycles used to transport children?

What should cyclists wear?

What do the bicycle insurance industry say about cycle safety?

What kind of bicycle is safe?

Are bike helmets the same as bicycle helmets?

Can bicycle helmets be worn under clothes?

Can people ride bicycles on foot?

Can cyclists use bikes on sidewalks?

Can they use bicycles on pavements?

Can bicycles be ridden on streets?

Can pedestrians ride bicycles?

Can cycle safety be improved?

Can bicyclists drive a car?

Can bike riders park a car on the same road?

What type of bike are required to park on a public road?

Do cyclists need to take a bicycle safety course?

Is cycling on a street unsafe?

Are cyclists required to wear helmet while riding?

Are bicyclists required to stop at traffic lights?

Can anyone ride a bicycle if they are wearing a helmet?

Do people ride bikes on motorways?

Is bicycle registration required?

Can kids ride a bike without insurance if they don’t have an insurance card?

What sort of bicycle should be used by adults?

Can everyone wear a helmet at the same time?

Can adult cyclists wear helmets if they wear helmets on the front?

Can women ride bicycles without helmets?

Is someone who wears a helmet required to ride a cycle on public transport?

Can bikes be registered at the moment?

Can adults drive bicycles?

Are bicycle helmets mandatory in the UK?

Is motorcycle helmets mandatory?

Is riding a bicycle a ‘dangerous activity’?

What about wearing helmets on motorbike roads?

Can one wear a bike helmet while driving?

Is motorbikes mandatory in Ireland?

What can be done to protect cyclists and drivers when riding a bike on the roads?

How do people get on bicycles?

What makes a bicycle safe?

What to do when you find your bike at the end of the road?

Is bike maintenance required?

What you can do if your bike breaks up or goes into a tree?

What goes into the rubbish bin after a bike has gone into the bin?

How should a cyclist clean up a bicycle before it is donated to a charity?

Is recycling a waste?

Is bicycles good for the environment or is it good for me?

Is anyone required to be a cyclist when they ride a motorbike?

Can two bikes be ridden side by side?

Can babies be put into a bicycle for a day or two without a seatbelt?

Can baby bikes be used for rides to school?

How does a child who has a disability ride a bicycle?

What’s the best way to dispose of a bike when it’s no longer useful?

Does a bike have to be registered for everyone to use it?

What the law says about cyclists using bicycles on roads?

Do you have to


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