When Will I Get a Bike?

When I got my bike, I was pretty excited about it.

I was thinking, “Wow, this thing is gonna be cool.”

I didn’t have the best attitude about it, but I was excited.

I had never ridden a bike before, so I was looking at it as something to learn how to ride.

When I finally got my first bike, it was a real shock.

It was so slow, and it was heavy.

The only way to get around that was to pedal around on it, so it was pretty frustrating.

Now, with my second bike, that experience has been really fun.

My friends have told me, “You should be riding a bike all the time.”

And I’m like, “Yeah, I am.

I’m a cyclist.”

That’s my goal.

I want to get to a point where I can ride a bike as often as I can.

When will I get a bike?

When will you get a bicycle?

article If you’re interested in learning more about bike riding, check out the following resources: Bicycle Cycling: A Beginner’s Guide to Bicycle Riding, by Jeff Richey.

Bike Magazine, Best Cycling Products, by Chris Kretschmer.

Riding Around the World: A Guide to Cyclocross, by Rob Wieland.

Bike World, Complete Cyclocricycling, by Mark Williams.

Bike Touring: A Cycloclimber’s Guide, by Andrew Tilton.

Bike Tech, The Bike Blog, by Dave Tisdale.

Bicycling: A Practical Guide, written by John Larkin.

Riding with the Big Boys, written for the International Cyclocamp, by Benoit Pouliot.

The Complete Bike, written and illustrated by Mark Wills.

Bicycle Training: An Encyclopedia of Bike Riding, edited by Mike Klimas.

The Ultimate Cyclocritics Guide, edited and illustrated with the assistance of Mike Wills and Tom Huggins.


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