Why biking and walking have become a global norm

By Sarah Zellin and John D. McKinnonPublished July 14, 2018 06:03:53The United States has become the second largest bike country in the world, with more than 200 million bicycles sold last year, according to the American Association of Cycle Manufacturers.

The statistics are good news for those seeking a more active lifestyle, especially those who don’t have access to a car.

The U.S. ranks No. 2 in the global share of the global population that bikes and walks, according the World Health Organization.

The report showed that for the first time, biking accounted for more than a quarter of all trips worldwide.

But for many, it’s not just about getting around.

It’s about being healthy, walking and biking can be part of the solution for a lot of people, said Stephanie A. Brown, a senior health and human services researcher at the National Center for Health Statistics.

For those who are not physically fit or able to do some activities, they can still contribute to a healthier lifestyle by walking, biking or taking part in exercise classes, Brown said.

But that can be hard if the person can’t find a bike or if it’s too expensive or too far from work, Brown added.

The CDC estimates that as of last year more than 12 million people were not able to ride their bike.

About 4.4 million people lacked transportation options, according, the agency.

In the United States, bike use has increased significantly in recent years.

In 2016, about 19.2 million people used a bike for recreation, the CDC reported.

In 2020, that number rose to 21.6 million.

The increase in bike use reflects an awareness that it’s better to walk or cycle to get around than to ride a car, said Jessica Stolze, a CDC epidemiologist.

There are several reasons for the jump, Brown explained.

For starters, in the past people used cars to get to the grocery store, she said.

People also have a stronger sense of what is possible with a bike, Brown noted.

They’re more likely to walk, and people also want to be able to move around a bit more.

As people have become more connected to technology, they have also become more active, she added.

They may be more willing to participate in a fitness program and walk on their own.

Bicycles have also been seen as a way to help improve health, according a 2017 survey by the U.K.-based advocacy group Walk the Plank.

It found that while many people are using the bikes for short distances, many also bike to work and school, as well as to school in the evenings and after work to get home.

The organization said it also noted that the rise in cycling has spurred the development of new transportation options for the elderly.

For example, a bicycle helmet law in Maryland and New Jersey last year made it illegal to ride on the sidewalk without a helmet.

The survey also found that bicycle riders are more likely than cars to report health benefits from exercising, such as improved cholesterol levels and lower risk of heart disease.

In New York City, which has seen a large number of bike-related deaths, the number of bikes on the road has increased by more than 5,000 per month since July 2017, according data collected by the city’s Office of Bicycle and Pedestrian Safety.

Bike-share operators say that the bikes have helped them reduce congestion, which can lead to more people biking, and that the number is rising rapidly.

The number of people using the services has grown by more people since the start of the year than at any other time in history, Walk theplank said in a report last year.

It said the growth has been fueled by a number of factors including increased popularity of bikes among young people, the increased availability of bike lanes and bike storage, and the use of bike share services in the suburbs.

“There is a growing awareness of bike sharing, especially among young and middle-aged people,” Walk the plank said.

“The increase is not surprising given the increase in the number and popularity of bike rental services in many cities.”

The numbers are still small, but Walk the PLank said the trend is “signaling a great opportunity for the future.”

The number and growth of bike users has also been a boost to bike-share operations across the country, said Steve Glynn, the chief executive officer of bike broker The Bike House in Minneapolis.

Bicycle share stations now have more locations in the U to offer people to ride the bike or rent a bike to get them from point A to point B, he said.

Bikes can be rented for as little as $15 a month, with an option to rent for a fixed monthly rate of $75.

A bike can be returned for $30 to the same location, or a new one can be bought at a local store for $100.

Bills for new bikes can be paid for at bike share stations.

Biking and walking are a common activity in


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